Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of soccer will I get with AYSO PLAY! programs?

    We offer a variety of play models that center on first-time soccer player training. Sessions include match-like experiences (mini games), but teams are chosen on site, pick-up style (not permanent teams). Our core PLAY! models include:

    • PLAY! NOW programs are one-off or individual events in the community. They are a great way to launch a new program, confirm community interest, and provide a “trial” experience to players and parents. These events are low cost and sometimes free, and accessible year-round to partners.
    • PLAY! + programs are soccer training sessions activity ranging between 4-12 weeks in duration. Often these are run before, during and after school; some run on weekends. The session times and days are determined by what will work best in the community.
    • PLAY! CAMPS provide year-round programming during non-school student attendance days/holidays ranging from single day camps to weeklong. As a non-profit our programing costs are low and flexible. 
  • Can AYSO PLAY! work with Schools for after-school or enrichment programming? 

    AYSO PLAY! programs and session-based model fit perfectly with after-school and other enrichment services. Our curriculum leans heavily on SEL-based outcomes through soccer training, and our tool kit includes STEM-based opportunities. Moreover, AYSO’s operational backing and good standing means we can most likely meet or exceed any specific school or district requirements.

  • I already run a soccer club in my community. How will AYSO PLAY! affect my club?

    AYSO PLAY! is designed to bring more players into the game we love. Our session-based program models are incremental opportunities for training and exposing the game to new players. AYSO PLAY! will not form teams or run leagues. We WILL broaden exposure to the game to more players and are happy to talk to you about how we can work together to create pathways for players as they develop skills and a passion for the game. 

  • How can I bring an AYSO PLAY! community event to a park or school near me?

    Whether you are a community ambassador, a school administrator, youth-serving organization leader, a municipal parks & rec programmer, or a group of parents that want to start a community-based soccer program for youth, we are happy to help explore how to make this happen. Use the contact form to tell us a little about your ideas and a member of our implementation team will get in touch with you. 

  • What if I have coaches or parents who want to get involved?

    As a volunteer-driven organization, AYSO supports and encourages local community members to take an active role in building and sustaining soccer programs. AYSO PLAY! can get you started with minimal operational hurdles, and can grow with the inclusion of community stakeholders. AYSO’s robust training and education resources are available to all who register as a volunteer, and all are welcome to apply.

  • Who conducts AYSO PLAY! programs?

    As with all AYSO programs, AYSO PLAY! is built on AYSO’s mission, vision, and values, and our Six Philosophies. All coaches and trainers are Level 2 background checked, US Safesport-certified, and trained to conduct age-appropriate soccer training for youth from ages 3 to 18. 

  • What if we don’t have a soccer field nearby?

    AYSO PLAY! is designed to flex into any number of playing environments. While safety is the priority, our program can be tailored to fit many types of venues.

  • What do I need to do if I’d like to bring AYSO PLAY! to the kids in my community or neighborhood?

    Contact us to let us know a little bit about you and your community. A member of our implementation team will follow up with you. 

  • Why did you create AYSO PLAY! when AYSO already has soccer leagues across the country?

    Our AYSO Regions are a source of inspiration; they thrive because volunteers in the local community “own” the programs where they are. With AYSO PLAY! the goal is to get soccer started in communities where there is no or very little soccer program access right now, and where cost barriers are a primary challenge. Our goal is to #GrowTheGame, bringing more players into the beautiful game. 

  • What is AYSO PLAY! 

    AYSO PLAY! is the American Youth Soccer Organization’s program created to grow the game by bringing soccer to more kids in more communities. The program is designed to make it easy to get new communities started by bringing recreation-based soccer training to new players apart from a traditional teams and leagues environment. 

    The concept is based on three pillars:

    • Bring the Game TO the players:We can take our programs to where the kids already are. Many locations, variety of venues, endemic to communities within communities.
    • Affordability: AYSO PLAY!minimizes the pay-to-play barrier. We can be the low-cost provider and the no-cost gateway where needed. Any child who wants to PLAY! can.
    • AYSO Quality Standards: AYSO’s history of innovation, our leadership in safety protocols and training & education, and our world class curriculum resources add up to nothing short of the highest quality soccer training and child development outcomes.

For Parents

  • What type of equipment will my child need to participate?

    AYSO PLAY! provides the equipment needed at each of our sessions. Your child should wear athletic footwear and or activity-appropriate apparel.

  • How do I know the locations of the AYSO PLAY! clinics and camps programs?

    To find AYSO PLAY! programs in your area, select the Find a Program button. AYSO PLAY! is expanding rapidly throughout 2024, so if you don’t see a program in your area yet, feel free to sign up to receive notifications when programs arrive in your area. 

  • Can my child participate if he or she is already in another soccer league or club?

    Yes! AYSO PLAY provides the opportunity for additional soccer training for kids who are already playing. Our coaches are skilled at adjusting activities to suit the needs of players with higher level of skill development than first-time players.